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 If you are ready for your project to be funded by CrowdSun please read below.

CrowdSun and its affiliate organizations has Funders and investment partners that represent over $500-million earmarked for solar and other renewable energy projects, and that list continues to grow every week. Funders are particularly interested in solar projects that meet minimum requirements, so before we can post your Solar Project, we require the following:

  1. Executive Summary (pdf format)
  2. Executed Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) or Off-taker Agreement  (pdf or Word)
  3. System Design  (pdf)
  4. Financial Model with Pro-forma Financials  (pdf or Excel)
  5. Proof of Site control with land contract, deed, option, and all entitlements  (pdf)
  6. Proof of EPC contract (signed or identified) (pdf)
  7. Interconnect Agreement Executed (pdf)
  8. Project Close to Shovel-ready

Not all of these documents will be placed on the CrowdSun site, but they may be delivered to validated Funders as part of a project’s due diligence.

Please submit your documents to . Once we have reviewed your documents, we will accept or decline the project for posting to the CrowdSun platform.  If we accept the project, we will set up a Project Owner account and post selected documents for review by our accredited funders.