What is Active Solar Energy?

By Francis Bautista

active solar energy

As people research and develop processes that can increase how we effectively harness the sun’s solar energy, we are very much knowledgeable now compared to decades before that such technologies can bring about tremendous differences on how we use solar energy for different applications.

Active or Passive?

Active Solar Energy pertains to energy that is collected from the sun’s heat that requires control and sensors. Typical devices and systems that require active solar energy are those solar collectors and pv panels that rotate and aligns its surface against the sun using fans and pumps to move the heated fluid once a certain difference in temperature has been achieved. Passive Solar Energy on the other hand doesn’t need any motors, fans or moving parts. Solar panels are just installed in a stationery mounting like window buildings and panels where it collects heat from the sun.

Advantages of Active Solar Energy

Active Solar Energy has “control options” that enables it to maximize efficiency when collecting heat and solar power from the pv panels. Aided with sensors and pumps it triggers tracking and movement within the unit once a variety of heat displaced are recognized by the system which is ready for use. The flexibility in handling numerous specification is also one of the benefits of Active Solar Energy so you can switch between usage requirements depending on the stored heat and solar power available.

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