The World’s Best Thin Film Solar Efficiency Record (1st half of 2014 Report)

By Francis Bautista

thin film solar efficiency

Looking for Thin Film PVs?

Are you looking for thin film pvs for your solar panel or home solar power systems? Just this February, Panasonic have created a poly-silicone solar panel with an efficiency record of 24.7%. What we mean by efficiency record or percent is that it is basically the ability of a solar collector usually made from silicon and other semiconductors to induce electricity from a given amount of heat from the sun’s rays. If the efficiency ratio is 24.7% it only means that almost 1/4th of the sun’s energy is being converted by the solar cells into electricity. The better efficiency ratio you have the better you can harness solar power, the less costs in construction, manufacturing and space is observable. Now, unlike pvs that are being produced by Panasonic, thin film pvs are less costly to make and manufacture into panels, if there will be companies out there who can overcome this efficiency ratio then it will be the choice of most buyers most especially serious homeowners who wanted to go on solar but is on a limited budget. That is why companies today are just head over heels in exploring ways to increase the solar efficiency of their photovoltaic products.

Best Thin Film Solar Efficiency Competition

For this year, we already have observed how fierce the competition was for the development of better solar efficient pvs. From a previous record of 19.6% efficiency of GE Global Research in 2013 and just 5 months running after for 2014 -the record has been broken thrice!

Development Team: First Solar/GE Global Research
Technology: Cadmium -Telluride (CDTe)
Manufactured in: Perrysburg, Ohio
Solar Efficiency: 20.4%
Certifications: National Renewable Energy Laboratory(NREL)

Development Team: Solar Frontier
Technology: Copper Indium Gallium (di)Selinide (CIS)
Manufactured in: Research Center-Kanagawa, Japan
Solar Efficiency: 20.9%
Certifications: Fraunhofer Institute

Development Team: Stion
Technology: Copper Indium Gallium (di)selinide (CIGS)
Manufactured in: San Jose, California
Solar Efficiency: 23.2%
Certifications: Not provided by Stion

The Thin Film PV Development Continues

With other developers of thin film pvs around the world, who are attempting to break the current efficiency ratio as a way to open more key markets across the continent -the battle for the world’s best thin film efficiency for year 2014 is far from being over. Breakthrough from studies and researches made will eventually pave the way to a more efficient solar living that is cost effective and budget friendly for most homeowners.

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