Los Angeles to Increase Solar Capacity, Oks 300MW Solar Projects

By Francis Bautista

solar capacity

LADWP approves Solar Projects

After a tight bid for the Los Angeles solar capacity improvement projects agreement, two top notch solar power developers have been granted with projects with the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power. Hecate Energy and SunEdison was able to close the bids for a 112MW and 88MW respectively for the planned Beacon Solar Project to be build in the outskirts of Mojave Town.

(Image Source: www.sunedison.com)

“This is a great milestone in the City of L.A.’s efforts to expand renewable energy and a win-win for the businesses and people of Los Angeles who will benefit from solar power development right in the city,” said Board President Mel Levine, president of the Board of Water and Power Commissioners. “These solar projects will help spark economic development and jobs, reduce greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuel power plants, and meet L.A.’s renewable energy mandates.”

LADWP General Manager Marcie Edwards added that the agreements “put us within reach of our targets of 25% renewable energy by 2016 and 33% by 2020.” Combined, the utility-scale solar array and the local solar projects will provide enough energy for about 150,000 homes and offset emissions of close to 500 metric tons of carbon dioxide that would otherwise be produced by fossil fuel power plants, LADWP said.

“Along with helping spur the clean energy economy in Los Angeles and meeting renewable energy goals, the expansion of local solar builds more resiliency and reliability into the power grid,” the municipal utility added, pointing out that small solar systems were like “mini power plants” that generate power right where it is being used, saving on transmission costs and taking advantage of the city’s abundant sunshine to help meet electrical demand.

The Feed-In Tariff Program (FiT)

Los Angeles is the biggest city to provide FiT Program with set pricing to up to 100 MW. Four solar power sites will be developed in order to push further solar capacity on Beacon land each which has 50 MW power purchase agreements. There will also be a fifth solar power site installment that will be located within the city but the project is not coupled with the Fit program with the assistance of Hecate Energy, with which this contract is awarded to, a 50 MW solar project will be established to complete the 300 MW solar capacity power output aimed by the LADWP.

L. A. focuses on Green

In accordance to what has already been stated earlier by the LADWP, these solar projects would be a great addition for the LA city government not only in terms of their persistance to be committed in improving solar capacity within the city for renewable resources but at the same time the economic advantages that it would bring for people in L.A. could benefit unto like an influx increase on employment, as well as business opportunities that is bundled within this types of construction and solar capacity power innovation.

This would be a great achievement for L.A. since once these solar power plants increase solar capacity during start of operation within the next couple of years, the city of Los Angeles will be relying less 25% of their energy requirements from other kinds of power sources.

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