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Crowdfunding – a new way to raise fundingcrowdsun crowdfunding

CrowdSun is a revolutionary platform for solar entrepreneurs to raise business funding via Crowdfunding. By tapping into a ‘crowd’ of  individuals who are willing to directly fund a solar project or business in exchange for the rewards, entrepreneurs (Solar Project Owners) can access funds that have, until now, been hidden away or controlled by Venture Capitalists and banks. Crowdfunding is the changing the way the solar business is funded.

Funding start-ups or early stage businesses is not without risk, but the returns are potentially much better than you can get from other sources. Consider that the minimum expected yield of the solar projects on the CrowdSun platform is 4.4% – that’s better than the best bank CDs in the United States – and most of CrowdSun’s projects have solid contracts that ensure performance of the projects (as long as the Sun continues to shine, that is).

How Crowdfunding works

CrowdSun is a funding platform for US solar projects. Every day, a crowd of hundreds or even thousands of people check campaigns on CrowdSun looking for investment opportunities.  They might want to become a part of the green-energy revolution, be excited to support a business they admire, or strangers eager to help fund a solar project they believe in.

Solar project crowdfunding process

* Reservation Fee. We charge a fully-refundable Reservation Fee of $97 because funders of our solar projects must be Accredited Investors.  However, you will receive a complete refund of your fee once you fund a CrowdSun project, or half of your fee if you do not fund a project or do not meet the requirements.  We do this to protect our project owners and keep CrowdSun free of fraudulent activity.

Update: 2-19-14 We are currently waiving this fee for new investors until after our official launch. If you register now you will not have to pay the fee.

* No Risk.  We say “no risk” because many projects are Fixed Funding projects, meaning they strive to raise a certain amount in that campaign.  If that campaign does not raise that certain amount, then all funders are refunded their money in full.  For example, assume that a project seeks to raise $1-million, but they raise only $800,000 on CrowdSun.  If it is a fixed-funding project, then the amount needed to make the project work as expected has not been raised.  In that case, all monies are refunded to the funders.  However, if the project is a Flexible Funding campaign, then ANY net amount raised will go to the project owner whether the target was achieved or not.  Please be sure to check the project documentation and the CrowdSun site to see if the project is a Flexible or Fixed Funding campaign.

Access a Global Audiencecrowdsun globe

You can create a campaign to fund your solar park right now for free. By doing so, you can gain access to a wide audience around the world instead of just your circle of friends and family.

Safetycrowdsun checkmark

The founders of CrowdSun come from the solar business – so they understand how solar projects are developed, get funded, and start making electricity (and $$).  Each project is checked to ensure that all required information is disclosed to potential investors before the project is made public for funding.


We provide funders with access to solar funding opportunities that have been carefully selected by our team here at  After completing an application, funders can browse funding opportunities and see the full disclosure of project details.


Presently, only Accredited investors will be able to gain access to the opportunities featured on CrowdSun.  Typically these are high net worth individuals, or companies or trusts, who are interested in opportunity, but who want to fund smaller amounts with a group of other funders and prefer not to manage the underlying assets.


One goal here at CrowdSun is to match high-quality opportunities with high-quality funders.  Once we have identified the types of deals that our funders want, we access our database of project candidates to identify specific opportunities that should be presented to funders.


When a funding opportunity is listed on CrowdSun, you will receive a notification from us so that you can access detailed funding information, including the minimum sought for a specific opportunity.  When funders commit to an opportunity, we hold those commitments until the minimum funding amount has been committed. Once the minimum is reached, the final process will begin. Therefore, your funding is not final until the funding target has been reached, all of your legal documents are signed and the funding has been secured.  Once the deal is complete, you will receive your CrowdSun Bonds.


At CrowdSun we want to ensure that timely updates are provided by each project owner to all funders. In general we expect that regular updates will be provided quarterly, although some additional updates may be provided intermittently. Additionally you will receive tax documents each year that you have a distribution. You should expect to receive updates via email so please notify us should your email or mailing address change.


Yes, the minimum funding is different for each project, but not lower than $25,000 at this time.


Yes. We take your privacy very seriously and will protect your personal information using the latest proven security technologies. Additionally, we have installed state-of-the-art intrusion protection software to prevent privacy attacks on our system.  If you would like more information please read our privacy policy.

The Jobs Act was signed into law on April 5, 2012 by President Obama and is currently under an SEC rule making period. The Jobs Act was designed to loosen some restrictions related to who may invest in private offerings and how those offerings could be advertised.

In the future, when the SEC completes its review and drafting of the updated regulations, CrowdSun may provide access to non-accredited funders for qualifying funding opportunities depending on the board’s vote at that time in the future.  Until such time, CrowdSun will only be available to accredited investors.


CrowdSun makes it easy for funders to access a variety of solar projects, across a number of geographic markets and with reasonable amount. By providing a direct access to quality opportunities with well-qualified project owners, we believe that CrowdSun funders will gain unprecedented access to a pool of opportunities that was previously only available to an elite few.

Dedication to Securitycrowdsun secure

At CrowdSun, we pride ourselves on guaranteeing your security and peace of mind throughout the funding experience.

We dedicate ourselves to providing the most optimal environment for funding a solar project or managing solar campaigns, allowing you the freedom to make safe, informed decisions.  Our team of experts comes from the solar industry and has extensive background in financial services.  They have worked hard at providing policies and procedures that create a secure and trustworthy environment for you.  Further, we have anti-fraud provisions in place that are constantly monitoring our systems to help authorities identify and remove fraudulent activities (none to date so far).

We do business only with worldwide reputable experts in online payments and banking to ensure that all funds are processed securely and with the highest degree of privacy and security.  Further, we will always keep your private information private.  Period.

Project owners will also benefit from the secure payment systems that we use in providing you with campaign funding you have raised.

Wise Funders

When contemplating providing funding for a campaign, please be sure to read all available documentation, risks, disclosures, and the plan prior to sending funding.  It is a good idea to understand all that you can about the solar project and how the project will be managed.  Keep in mind that although funding to solar projects is made by Accredited Investors, it is still wise to ensure that those funders understand how funding will play a role in their entire investment portfolio.

Wise Project Owners

As you develop your campaign, be as open and transparent as possible.  Let potential funders understand how their money will be spent, what operational and start-up expenses will be, and what financial arrangements will be contemplated.  Be sure to be open about the risks of investing in solar projects.  Provide as much documentation as possible in order to make the process easier for all.  Above all, always communicate with honesty and respect with all potential funders at all times.  Finally, help us monitor for suspicious activity and let us know at once if you suspect fraud, abuse, a suspicious funder, or trouble of any kind.  Our team will immediately investigate and take action to address any concerns that you may have.

Simple Fee Structure

Project Owners: It’s free to post your campaign to CrowdSun.  We just want to do our best to protect the funders of CrowdSun projects, so we make sure that each project meets the minimum disclosure criteria before we post it.  Then, once your campaign is live and raises funds, CrowdSun charges a fee for managing the finances on the project.  CrowdSun receives the net income from the income produced by the project’s solar electricity, and sends Funders their pro-rata share of their funds plus interest. Click here to get additional information on what is needed to submit a campaign. 

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Funders: Once you find a project that you like and want to become a Funder, we must make sure that you are qualified.  We do this because, unlike some other crowdfunding projects, CrowdSun projects are funded only by Accredited Investors.  All you need to do is submit the Reservation Form with your Paypal or Credit Card payment of $97 (Reservation Fee) and we will process your Reservation.  Once approved, you can then fund any available project on the CrowdSun platform.  AND best of all, you will receive a full refund of your Reservation Fee once you fund a project, or half of your Reservation Fee if you decide that you do not wish to fund a CrowdSun project or do not meet the requirements (rare, but it happens).  Click here to apply to be a funder.
Update 2/19/14-CrowdSun has decided to wave this fee for funders that register before our official launch. If you register today you will be permanently exempt from this fee.


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