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SunEdison -Huntai Group Form Solar Project Partnership -Targets Aimed On Chinese Market

Belmont, CA /PRNewswire/ –Pursuant to their mission to be a top solar project developer, SunEdison (NYSE: SUNE) in an announcement today confirmed that the company has formed a solar project partnership with the reputable Chinese PV wafer manufacturer, Huntai Group. With a goal of 1.7 GW of collective and collaboarated projects, both companies are very much optimistic that this project partnership will be the key to long term agreement that would put both companies in the frontlines of growth in the Chinese solar industry.

(Image Source: www.sunedison.com)

The Strategic Solar Partnership Plan

As of this solar project partnership agreement once solar requirements are determined, Huntai Group shall aide in the mass production of PV solar wafers from the polysilicon provided by SunEdison from its production plant in Korea to produce high quality PV solar panels for installation in commercial and consumer needs in China. SunEdison Renewable Operation Center(SunEdison ROC) shall then provide an assistance desk for everyday 24/7 monitoring and analytics of the solar power plant.

Solar Project Partnership is Key

As with any great team, mutual interests will help these companies reach their goals and assist them attain their position in offering their solar related products and services to key markets worldwide. Both companies have been bold in their statements about what the confidence they have regarding this solar project partnership.

“This expanded partnership is a great step forward for SunEdison as we continue our growth in the Chinese market. China has become one of the world’s largest and most important solar markets and this agreement with the highly respected Huntai Group positions both companies for rapid and profitable growth.” -Ahmad Chatila, President and CEO of SunEdison.

“SunEdison is a long-term partner for our company, and we are honored to work with them to expand the positive impact of solar energy across China. This partnership is mutually beneficial for all involved, and we look forward to completing our near-term projects, and launching our long-term efforts together.” – Wang Lu Bao, Chairman of the Huntai Group.

“This long-term partnership to supply polysilicon and other solar services is a testament to our continued commitment to quality and our ability to develop mutually beneficial strategic partnerships. Our strength in delivering value across the solar supply chain is once again allowing us to grow in a key international market.” -David Ranhoff, President of Solar Materials at SunEdison

The Future is Going Green

With the pioneering efforts of SunEdison in terms of developing large scale solar pv installations across the globe, now reinforced by the Huntai Group’s quality production of solar wafers considered for these projects -its not only the solar project partnership that will benefit from this venture. This will include millions of homes within Europe, America and some parts of Asia that SunEdison serves and will serve during the next coming years. With huge companies contributing largely on solar power production, the future is greener than ever for every home.


Story Source:
www.sunedison.com via PRNewsWire
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solar energy advantage

The Solar Energy Advantage

The use of solar energy as an alternate medium to generate power could prove beneficial to what you can actually think of. Many people have already discovered that fact that they can pretty much change how they live their lives by switching to the Solar Energy Advantage. In the United States alone a 50% yearly growth in pv installs is anticipated which will put the country at around 20GW before yearend 2014.

Why Use Solar Power

There are numerous ways as to how solar power would be your best bet into producing power for your own homes. Here are a few things you might want to consider to bring the solar energy advantage right at your own homes.

Renewable and Unlimited

The sun’s solar power is limitless and price free. Never be bothered about energy spent on the household as one of the advantages of solar energy is it is completely boundless. Also, there is definitely a devolution on earth’s energy resources like coal, fossil fuels and gas.

Environmental Effects

The electricity produced during solar energy to power conversions is free of emissions and green house gases that contribute to the growing pollution on the environment. The long term use of solar energy could prove to be an advantage over those who uses other methods for production of electricity. Just take for example the Termosolar Borges in Catalonia, Spain that offsets carbon dioxide emissions by 24,500 tonnes in a yearly basis. That’s the amount of carbon dioxide produced by conventional power plants without using the solar energy advantage.

Long Term Savings vs Upfront Costs

It is indeed that the huge upfront costs of photovoltaic solar panels and installation causes majority of the people to get dismayed from such projects that would allow them to utilize this free energy resource. As the production of more pv solar panels are being manufactured in huge scale due to the demands of the industry, it is just going to be a matter of time that costs for such solar equipments will deliberately be reduced. Coupled by the solar energy advantage of becoming independent from mass power producers and freedom from unstable cost of power utility, photovoltaic solar panels are sturdy and maintenance free thus giving you a strong guarantee for an investment returned.

The Decision to Go Solar is Yours

In the end I guess instead of asking yourselves why use solar power, you need to pause and rethink why you are not using solar power in the first place? It’s free and the benefits and solar energy advantage ultimately overweighs the limitations of this renewable energy source. Your decision to go solar will without a doubt, contribute to the how the world utilizes earth’s natural resources for a much sustainable living.

can you store solar energy

Can you “Store Solar Energy”? Check this out.

The Large Scale Solar Energy Storage

Many of you might be wondering as of now how will it be possible for a simple household (like yours) to actually have the ability to store solar energy. In a huge power facility, like a solar power plant the most common type of storage is thermal in what they call is Concentrated Solar Power or CSP. This kind of power system is often commercialized. This process achieves electric power generation that is derived from focusing all possible light sources to a common focal point to induce heat that will in turn power up the steam turbine.

Storing Solar Energy Pursuits

It has been quite awhile since the world began looking for ways in order to store solar energy. From air compression to water pumps with reversing flow as efforts to hold on solar power in such a way that it can be used during the night when the sun is not available. Most often than not, previous pursuits likely fail due to the fact that a lot of energy was lost in the process which makes the storage of solar energy inefficient to consider.

Solar Energy Storage for the Home

Alright –so is there a definitive or viable way so far to store solar energy in small scale proportions like the residential areas? The answer is Yes. This solar energy storage uses solar electricity which is produced by electric charge emitting photovoltaic solar panels. The storage system can be a battery bank where solar electricity is contained until next usage or a Grid Tied PV system where you use your local electric grid as a medium to store solar energy. This method is also called net –metering.

The Whitacre Battery Technology

Breakthroughs by technical innovation have already bought in formation of cheap batteries as efforts to reinforce solar power storage in a residential point of view. Jay Whitacre founded Aquion Energy to manufacture one of the world’s toxic free, economical battery cells that can last discharge up to twice that of a lead battery. The properties of the battery can’t yet withstand sudden charge and discharge so more is still to be expected from this invention which went live in public February this year 2014.

As a summary, it should never be an obstacle for you to resort to solar power production as a household option for electricity since there are already established ways on how you can store solar energy.


Image Source: http://www.technologyreview.com/


types of solar power

Types of Solar Power and why you should know about it

Solar Energy Transformation

Various technologies have already emerged to provide us the ability to better use the warmth of the sun’s solar power. These technologies were created in such a way that we can easily store varying types of solar power for much needed loads during a specific day. By transforming solar power to a different kind of energy, we are able to satisfy certain functions that require its usage.

Types of Solar Power

The types of solar power depend on the method used to make it in a form of usable energy. Here are the different types of solar power:


One of the earliest types of solar power that have made a great impact on the creation of solar panels now being used commercially and in a residential basis. The photovoltaic energy or known as “pv” converts solar power by the use of semiconductor materials that induces electricity when struck by sunlight. Batteries or solar cells stores the electrical energy produced and is a common setting for self powered houses.

Solar Thermal

This type of solar power is derived from transforming solar power directly into heat energy. Solar thermal energy uses heat absorbing elements that would convert the heat power of the sun to absorbed thermal energy. There are several portable devices that use these kinds or types of solar power. In addition to that, since heating devices took a lot of electricity just to increase temperature say a water heater, it is much simpler and cost effective to have a solar powered water heater at home so that the amount of electricity required by your water heater will not reflect on your power bill.

Concentrated Solar Power (CSP)

The latest development in the types of solar power that uses parabolic troughs to concentrate to a specific portion of the solar panel the light energy that hits its surface area, the method ultimately focuses to a single point where temperature greatly increases, since this type of solar power is used on solar power plants, a vast amount of heat absorbing material capable of storing thermal energy for a certain period of time like salt is used. These molten amounts of salt are then used to power steam turbines for production of electricity.

What You Need to Know

Going solar will either be cost effective or expensive depending on how you map its usage. The types of solar power mentioned earlier greatly improve the choices of people to better make use of the solar energy that is available to them. Costs of installations, power storage and supplies can be a make or break depending on your planning of your home made solar plant. Solar power presents a lot of advantages for those people who learn to use it wisely so if you are deciding to go for these types of solar power be smart and make sure you do your homework.

largest solar power plant

Largest Solar Power Plant for 2014

The Solar Industry Revolution

The solar industry has evolved so much since its large scale commencement in 1986. Many of today’s people are now looking beyond the future of what just happens to be a photovoltaic cell in the past. Solar power is harnessed as a viable renewable energy source that has the capacity to power millions of homes around the world. Innovations on solar power technologies and engineering equipment have led to outstanding milestones in further enhancing our capability to store solar energy as an alternate power resource -a good example of this would be the inception of the largest solar power plant.

The Largest Solar Power Plant in the World

To this very date, many countries have embraced the use of solar energy and are now involved in large scale solar power plant projects as efficient means of power generation. Here is the list of top largest solar power plant for year 2014:

Solana Generating Station (280MW)

solana generating station

Gila Bend, AZ – Developed by Abengoa Solar, this parabolic trough solar power plant is the third largest solar power plant in the world located just 110 km southwest of Phoenix, Arizona. This solar power plant took 3 years of construction work and is now able to accommodate around 70,000 homes relying on solar energy.

Solar Energy Generating Systems (354MW)

solar energy generating system

Mojave Desert, CA – Luz Industries built this group of nine individual parabolic trough solar power plants collectively known as Solar Energy Generating Systems (SEGS). Currently the SEGS stands second as the largest solar power plant in the world located strategically into three different locations on Daggett, Kramer Junction and Harper Lake. This gigantic solar energy facility can power around 232,500 homes more than over 100,000 that of Solana Generating Station.

Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System (392MW)

ivanpah solar electric generating system

Bernardino County, CA –Established by Bechtel and BrightSource Energy this fully operational solar thermal power plant is the largest solar power plant in the world to date. Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System (ISEGS) is complemented by three power towers that receive the reflected light sources enough to provide electric power to 140,000 homes during day time. The installation of the biggest solar power plant completed in about 3 years and covered an estimate of 4,000 acres of land.

Solar Growth Continuous through Innovation

Enhancements to maximize solar energy utility continues to ramp up as communities worldwide incline to the use of renewable energy source. We can definitely say the least that the Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System will not be last largest solar power plant to be built in order to tap into the sun’s solar power into providing efficient, cost effective and green energy to our homes.