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Countries Using Solar Energy: the Top 5 List

Many of the countries today have turned to renewable energy sources like solar power and wind energy. Countries using solar energy, in a yearly period, increase solar capacity growth worldwide reaching explosive levels and there seemed like there is no stopping these progressing nations from competing as to which will be included in the top countries using solar energy.

Top Countries Using Solar Energy

Rank 5: United States

Coming from the fifth place is United States, with more and more people discovering the potential of renewable energy and what it can do for their monthly utility bills as well as the environment, most states are eventually turning in solar power for their daily electrical consumption. With the help of the solar tax credit, homeowners and businesses will be able gain tax credits for using solar system devices on their commercial and residential places. Majority of the installations origins from California not to mention Hawaii with their Green Energy Market Securitization financing program launched just last year.

Rank 4: Japan

Japan is one of the countries using solar energy ever since and it has a deep inclination to use renewal energy sources like solar and wind. They also have extensive research facilities to enable increments in efficiency level of thin film photovoltaics panels. With a disastrous event coming from a nuclear meltdown during an fierce earthquake March of 2011, Japan have been steady increasing solar capacity outputs in a yearly basis.

Rank 3: Italy

Ranking third is Italy, one of the largest buyers of pv around the world. Crurrently, solar power amounts to 9% of the total energy consumption of the whole country. With frequent solar pv power plants and farms being constructed and established in a bi-monthly basis, Italy proved to be one of the world’s pioneer in developing and harnessing renewable solar power.

Rank 2: Spain

Falling a bit short behind the top spot, Spain unlike Italy relies on solar power alone to meet 10% of the entire region’s total monthly energy demands. Spain have decades of experience in terms of constructing solar pv power plants across the country and have been on top charts in terms of solar power til 2009.

Rank 1: Want to Guess?

Time’s up! The top solar developer from the countries using solar energy is -Germany! A nation like no other, Germany had a compelling passion towards the use of renewable solar energy. The country is indeed an advocate of solar energy having been the world’s largest bulk buyer of pv for several years and getting above the fold versus Spain in terms of solar power installations in 2009. Several decades from today’s date Germany is looking forward to use 100% renewable energy sources to cater the power consumption requirement of the entire country!

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Before You Start Your Crowdfunding Project -Read this First

Have you ever had a business idea that you badly want to come true and share with the rest of the world? Ever since the inception of Crowdfunding and famous websites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, many people are realizing the reality of their dreams using this method of fundraising -Crowdfunding Projects. It’s almost as easy for everyone to initiate crowdfunding by just signing up to these types of websites however do you actually have all the right reasons to finally say, “This is it. I’m gonna go 100% Crowdfunding with my project!” Before you do so -here are a few important pointers you might consider first hand.

Sharing The Love

Crowdfunding is all about sharing your passion and joy to everyone else in the world. There are a lot of things and activities that people do enjoy doing. There are also innovations and crafts based from these passions that require serious capital. Crowdfunding enables that acquisition. Whether you are an artist, a group, a non-profit sector, an aspiring entrepreneur – crowdfunding provides you the avenue to share your talent, creations and the things you do best with the global audience and get cash pledges in the process.

The Concept is the Key

If you want to ensure that your project will make some real noise in the Crowdfunding scene, you need start refocusing your attention from your products to the whole concept or idea that made you start it all. What is your purpose? Who will benefit from your idea? What makes your style so different from the rest who have began crowdfunding for that same concept? Being creative is one of your best bet to pull off a great show. In addition to that, your concept must be “consumer/crowd focused” this is just another way of letting them know that this project is designed with them (your supporters) in mind.

Crowd vs. Fund

Many of us thinks that the cash or the money makes the Crowdfunding industry go round. Surprisingly -it isn’t. Cash support or pledges in its sense is the very reason why crowdfunding is being done but it doesn’t for any reason be considered as something more important than the crowd. It’s all about the audience and the very people who believed in the project in the first place. They dictate the phase of the fundraising activity and they are the”free living marketing tools” that spreads the word to other people. It will always be wise that when designing a concept, a product or a service that we try to get feedback from these people and input these ideas not only as a sign of gratitude but also as an additional “push” to inspire the crowd to go the extra mile to market and fund your crowdfunding project.

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Hawaii to Tap Renewable Funding in a $150M Green Energy Project Development

Pursuits for Green Energy

HAWAII -With a state project called “Green Energy Market Securitization” or GEMS, locals and business are strongly encouraged to take advantage of turning to renewable energy sources through an affordable and highly flexible financing program to be managed and monitored by Hawaii Energy Offices with directives coming from the Department of Business, Economic Development, and Tourism.

Since its the GEMS project targets to incorporate 70% of the total energy requirements to come from renewable energy sources by 2030.

(Image Source: www.energy.hawaii.gov)

Renewable Funding

The mentioned project is to be developed by Renewable Funding. Established in 2008, the company is based in California and have vast experiences with regards to small to medium scale renewable energy financing as well as loan administration and services for several states in the US that culminates green energy project campaigns.

“We are excited to begin work on this groundbreaking green energy financing program,” Renewable Funding CEO Cisco DeVries said in a statement. “The GEMS approach is a game changer — it allows residents and businesses to install clean energy improvements using the same kind of financing that had previously only been available for utility-scale facilities.”

A Green Energy Project for All

To further encourage Hawaii residents and business units to engage with renewable energy systems like solar pvs as means of their daily power and utility resource, the GEMS project which just began during the second quarter last year will start the launch of its financing programs together with the help of Renewable Funding.

“One of the biggest impediments keeping Hawaii residents and businesses from installing solar panels and making other energy-saving improvements is a lack of access to capital,” DBEDT Director Richard Lim said in a statement. “Proceeds from the green bonds issued under the GEMS program will be used to provide low-cost funding to program participants, who will then repay the loans with savings on their electricity bills. It’s a market-based approach that helps channel much-needed investment capital to an important sector.”

This is good news. A great way for the government to be able to include minimum to medium wage earners in Hawaii to be able to have the convenience of financing their capital for solar pvs or other renewable energy technologies through a green energy project financing program that they can pay by offsets saved from their normal power bills. Green programs like this must also meant to inspire innovators and local lawmakers to further enhance the power of the government in order to bring green renewable energy into more homes as possible.


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Tata Power Closes in 56MW Total Solar Output with its 25 MW PV Power Plant in Maharashtra

Palaswadi, Maharashtra -Tata Power Renewable Energy Ltd (TPREL) a subsidiary of Tata Power has increased solar power output capacity via a 25 MW solar pv power plant in order to boost the company’s total solar power to 56MW.

(Image Source: www.tatapower.com)

The Maharashtra 25MW Solar Farm

The second solar pv power plant of Tata Power has has an annual solar power generation charge of 46 millions units using its solar panels manufactured from quality polysilicon photovoltaic modules. February this year, the company confirmed receipt of the disbursement of the loan through IDFC Ltd. The solar pv power plant was stalled due to inabilities of the state power grids to provide alternate power in cases of shutdown during connection operations a few days before April.

Turning Emphasis to Renewable

“We are delighted to announce the commissioning of yet another large solar project of 25 MW. The company has operating solar capacities of 3 MWp (megawatt peak) at Mulshi in Maharashtra and 25 MWp at Mitahpur in Gujarat, alongwith its first solar power plant of 110 kW (kilowatt), set up way back in 1996 at Walwhan in Lonavala. With these projects, Tata Power now has a portfolio of over 56 MW of solar and 461 MW of wind. MWp or megawatt peak is a measuring unit for the maximum output of a photovoltaic power plant.” – Tata Power Managing Director Anil Sardana

While it is most likely that Tata Power pursuits for pv power plant projects are just about 20% compared to their wind power resource capability. This is just a 2nd yet huge solar pv power plant for the reputable conglomerate and further projects would definitely be as more or even better from the previous. This is just another step of Tata Power to enhance global recognition in the field of solar power development and a way to fully capitalize on renewable energy sources like the recently established solar pv power plant.


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First Solar to Take Advantage of Solar Retrofits in Europe, Acquires Skytron Energy

Solar Retrofits Vs. New Monitoring Installs

Skytron Energy, a German Solar PV Monitoring Firm and the fourth largest solar power plant monitoring service provider in the world is now lined up for acquisition by First Solar. In a statement made by Bob Callery of First Solar:

“We happen to be strong believers that in the next six to ten years there will be a tremendous amount of monitoring retrofits in Europe,” said Bob Callery, First Solar’s VP of operations and maintenance.

Such major transition of top solar power plant developer is backed up from previous reports from GTM Research and SoliChamba Consulting. A great amount of solar retrofits that totaled 6.3 GW that outweighs any construction of new monitoring technologies on new power plants is the core of this new movements from First Solar.

“The major wave of retrofits that we saw in 2013 was about replacing infrastructure, and we will see more in 2014,” said Cedric Brehaut, an expert on solar monitoring and operations & maintenance, who authored the GTM report.

(Image Source: www.firstsolar.com)

The Skytron Advantage

Having one of the largest portfolio of solar power plant monitors around the globe behind SMA, Meteocontrol and Solar-Log, Skytron has vast experience in solar pv plant monitoring including different monitoring platforms and O&M software suites not to mention gigawatts of collected data from decades of management on solar power plants mostly based in the US. The acquisition will eventually help First Solar in being able to look into a variety of Operations and Management techniques used in different power plants which is also beneficial on solar retrofits majority coming from parts of Europe.

What I can say about this is that, it is definitely a smart move from First Solar to actually pull through a variety of markets aside from concentrating on solar power plant development alone as more and more companies have joined the competition and market distribution is quickly getting divided.

The Driving Force behind Solar Entrepreneurship

First Solar in its commitment to stay atop of solar power development, aims to enhance their global presence not only in developing huge scale solar pv plants but also to take solar power plant monitoring to the next level where it will be deemed necessary with solar retrofits that will come this year.

“The global monitoring market is going strong. Data from GTM Research and SoliChamba Consulting shows that the market grew to 39.7 gigawatts last year, a 90 percent increase over 2012. In the next four years, the monitoring market could grow to nearly 80 gigawatts, with the bulk of demand centered in Asia. Skytron’s monitoring capabilities were an important part of the acquisition.” said Callery.

With First Solar, being a topnotch solar developer doesn’t stop from solar retrofits and diversified markets -its through presenting innovative solutions that cater through different needs relating solar power that keeps them always one step ahead of the game.

“But First Solar is looking to wrap those capabilities up into its broad turnkey O&M strategy to develop new dispatching and analytics services for utilities. Neither Skytron nor First Solar will be a pure-play monitoring provider. We know we have to develop different solutions to stay competitive.”

It is a good thing that business come to learn from other business that they are able to scale up solutions that will completely help everyone in the solar industry field and the consumers around the globe. This includes improving power purchase agreements while minimizing project sizes of commercial solar power plants.


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