About CrowdSun

CrowdSun connects qualified funders to “certified” solar projects. Our goal is to make clean energy investing accessible to all by opening up solar projects to a wider pool of funding sources – not just the large institutions and ultra-rich who have enjoyed these investments so far. Solar crowd-funding is a concept that is revolutionizing clean energy finance.

Owning a solar project is like owning real-estate – with less overhead. As long as the sun shines as predicted, solar panels produce energy and the energy can be used or sold to produce income.  Our technicians analyze each project, using state-of-the-art software, to ensure the potential viability of each solar project BEFORE funders invest.  Solar funding is an excellent way to increase income in an investment portfolio and it has the following characteristics:

  • Technology is proven and reliable
  • Solar power is converted to electricity which is sold to the customer at a set price (the electric utility or a factory, as examples)
  • Funders receive their money back – plus interest – at a much higher rate than being paid by the banks (bank CDs are paying less than 1% per year right now)

Every project is filtered and then certified to ensure that funders are exposed to the least risk possible.  Millions of investors have already invested in projects like these around the world and our online system makes it easier for them to receive the benefits of those investments.

The benefits of solar are helping the planet more each day by reducing carbon pollution (environmental) to producing stable cash-flows (financial) for funders.  Clean energy is here to stay and you can be a part of the revolution.  Join us today!


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